Tuesday, 6 October 2009

This afternoon I had a nap. And like with all afternoon naps, I dream crazier dreams than usual.

I was attending a lecture in a new part of our university, which was actually a spaceships for martial artists (I was studying martial arts on a university level, yes). It was a modern education where part of your third year was spent on a giant intergalactic spaceship. This place was really huge. I knew it was a kind of dome-shaped ship that contained many cities and layers and artificial environments. But right now I was trying to find a seat in the auditorium for a lecture.

There were rows upon rows of seats high up in the air and I was walking down the middle aisle together with all the other students (which were filing off to the sides once they decided they wanted a place to sit there). I knew this auditorium spanned two whole levels of the spaceship. That is HUGE keeping in mind that each level contained whole cities and probably had many kilometres between them. I tried to find a seat next to a guy who I go to the university with in real life, but while walking down the huge aisle he disappears in the crowd ahead of me. As I go down the huge and quite stairs which lead to various rows of seats I notice the distant cityscape through the distant edge of the room which is made of transparent glass.

As I finally find a seat, I see a friend (who attends another part of my university in real life - and so who I don't have lectures with), get a seat in front of me and to the left. He hasn't seen me, and I start shouting his name to get him to notice me. But an older man sitting on my right asks me to be quiet, and I feel really angry at him. I then realise that the lecturer has actually started talking, and I feel a bit ashamed.

The lecturer tells us to register as being alive on our mobile phones. I look at my phone's screen and a little red icon is flashing say, but I'm quite confused because there seems to be some illegible text around the icon too. When I click the icon it opens another weird dialogue box on the screen, and I feel unsettled by this. I want to ask the one next to me what to do, but before I can do that, we are told that the room needs to be shifted.

Suddenly it feels like the whole room is in free fall and accelerating downwards very rapidly. I hold on to my seat's armrests tightly. I see that we have seat belts, but I discover that mine is broken. I realise this could mean I could potentially fly right into the air, if I didn't hold on tight. For some reason I'm not scared though. We are pulled in all kinds of directions by the seemingly random, high-speed acccelerations, but I actually start finding it quite fun and begin laughing. At one point I can't laugh any more, because the room is moving so quickly that I can only manage to take very small breaths. Then it all stops and the gravity returns to normal..

A man in a weird technical suit exits an elevator and tells us that the room is now aligned and that they've activated the elevators for us so we can leave the auditorium by elevator instead of the huge walkway we had used to enter. I get annoyed that the technician hadn't been in the room to experience the scary shifting manoeuvre. Suddenly I have my Nokia 3310 phone in my hand, and I wonder if the ship can detect such an old phone like it could with my newer phone. As I look at the screen I see that it can. The program that registers if you're alive is just text-based instead. But I'd rather use my new phone, so I put my older phone away. I then ask the person to the left of me (a boy my age that I don't know) what icon to press, and he shows me. I then press the corresponding icon.

The next thing I remember is this weird garden area. And I know some soldiers are after me. But I realise that I can use hidden bandits lying in the grass to my advantage. When I moved through defined parts of the grassy area, regular squares of the ground turned red. I immediately understood that this meant that hidden bandits lying in the grass would now attack the soldiers if they were unlucky enough to move through the red areas of the grassland. Of course only I could see the red colours. The soldiers would just see normal green grassland.

Suddenly I'm home at what I know is my room (which doesn't look like the room in my apartment at all). A guy from university is in the living room together with a girl I don't know. I understand they've been there the whole day. I'm about to ask them if they want to eat dinner together with me, and tell them that I could make food for all of us. They tell me yes. I then see that they've already started making dinner for themselves using my food. I tell them it's not very polite to simple start eating my food, and that I don't want them to do it ever again. The girl answers something really rude back. This causes me to ask them to leave my place immediately. There's a really bad feeling in the air now because of this.

Next thing I know I'm in my room in my real apartment together with a girl from my university. Another guy from university is lying dead on the floor between my bed and my cupboard. I think I killed him. The girl tells me it's alright, and smiles. She tells me I can just dispose of the body without trouble. I relax a bit when she says that. I then realise it's time to leave for classes, and tell about three other people from my university (who are also for some reason in my apartment) that we should head to the university now. They begin filing out the door, but the girl in my room stays. I ask her to go too, but she just smiles and tells me no. It feels like she wants to help me remove the body and prevent me from doing something stupid.

I wake up, feeling like I've just woken up from a nightmare.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

This night I dreamt of swimming amongst other things.

It happened in this huge shopping mall/holiday resort complex. It had a really big indoor pool with water so deep, that you couldn't see the bottom, but I'm pretty sure that there was a sunken ship or other secrets down there. I remember diving head first into the water in the pool, because it was so fun and because I could get up to insane speeds by doing it. I couldn't fly but I could propel myself really far in the water by just that head dive. It was actually almost like flying in the water.

The next thing I remember a flying bus, which I understood had broken down landed on a building's roof a bit away from the complex. I watched it through a window together with some other people who were currently staying at the complex as well. It landed on a high-rise building a little distance away. The people asked me if I wanted to fly over there and see what I could do. I wondered if I should fly over there, but when I saw policemen arriving I didn't really feel like it after all.

Friday, 2 October 2009

This night I dreamt I was being given a guided tour of a girls life (kind of through an exhibition in a museum where you had to walk through different "scenes" of her life). It wasn't a girl that I know.

The tour started in corridor together with lots of other people. It was kind of scary at first because while we were standing there all together, waiting for the tour to start, suddenly some of the statues in the museum started talking with really eerie voices while their faces became animated. There were some really scary evil laughs as well. But then I suddenly relaxed, because I knew it was meant to be like that. It was just part of the tour.

I then saw some images of newspaper headlines which all contained what I now knew were prophecies. Because throughout the rest of the dream those newspaper articles would become reality in ways I couldn't imagine. (I'm still a bit in awe of my apparent ability to actually create a storyline that follows a strict guideline with twists and turns in a dream.. Normally they are unstructured, but this time it was like it had all been planned out by myself - without me actually knowing it).

Then the tour started. We first had to go through a small room where a wax statue of the girl was sitting on the floor. I vaguely remember her sitting together with a dead dog. It was kind of scary, and I didn't like going close to her. I don't think any of the other guests liked it either, because we all walked through the room while hugging the edge of the wall tightly. I understood that the scene we saw here was the beginning of the series of events that made the girl mad.

We then exit into an enormous courtyard where a huge castle looms above us about 50 metres or so away. It was really a magnificent castle. I remember looking up and really being in awe of its sheer size and decorations (I usually don't imagine huge details in my dreams but this castle was really extremely well done). In front of the gate into the castle was a big hammer. Sort of like a meat hammer made of wood, just about 15 metres in diameter. It would, with regular intervals (I think it was every 5 seconds or so) slam slowly into the ground in front of the door. So, it was also some kind of clock. We would of course die if we stood and waited for us to smash us, but it wasn't scary at all. I didn't even think twice about the fact that such an unusual device would be installed right in front of the door.

The weird thing was that the hammer didn't fall with precise regular intervals. I realised that in the old days dogs had been used to tell when it was safe to pass the device or not. Because the device emitted a special high-frequency tone before it moved, dogs could be used to warn when it would come down. At this point a dog suddenly appeared and then proceeded to jump onto the hammer (it had just smashed down and was on its way up again, so the dog was able to reach it by jumping). I felt mildly annoyed at the dog for doing this, since it wasn't supposed to. So I hurriedly jumped up after it onto the hammer thing.

The next thing I knew people had disappeared so I was all alone. I wasn't even in the courtyard any more. I didn't think twice about that though.

I know a lot more happened in this dream but it's sadly forgotten now. I just remember thinking when I woke up: "Shit, all those prophecies really came true."

Thursday, 1 October 2009

This afternoon I took a nap.

I was in some sort of cafeteria or building with lots of other people. It was the plan that I was to go through a certain door, which I knew would lead me into another dimension where I would have fun. It was the plan that I was to go with a friend, but I suddenly got occupied with something. So he (a guy from my university) proceded to get into a small pushcart and I pushed him through the black door opening. I could see kind of a diagram of what he was doing (since I had done it before it seemed) while I was occupied in that weird cafeteria.

There was a certain sense of urgency pervading my mood at that point, because I wanted to enter the other dimension too. I knew that as I did what I had to do in that cafeteria, that my friend would be given a tour in a kind of flying hot-air balloon/flying bed of a cool water-filled world. It wasn't that important since I had tried the tour before, but I still really wanted to go again because it was so fun.

Once I finally decided to enter the other dimension, I made a dash for the door, but a guy from my old school suddenly went in front of me and blocked my way. He then pushed me back, and told me I wasn't allowed to go. I immediately started thinking how I should get by him, but then I woke up.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Tonight I dreamt of getting lost. And a girl from my university started laughing at me, because I couldn't find my way. I think we were in another country, and I for some reason had to fetch something from the hotel.

I was also in a café where I bought a lot of sweets. But it didn't beat a girl from my university, who was next to me and immediately bought a whole shelf of sweets. She simply rolled the shelf up to the counter and asked to buy it all. I felt really happy at this point.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

This night I dreamt about going through weird gates. I think one of them was set at the entrance of a big cave, and it was sort of of decorated in gold. The whole dream had a feeling of being some kind of weird game.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

This night I dreamt of Easter eggs. Big, nicely decorated ones. They were hidden inside this huge building, kind of like a shopping mall. I remember thinking that usually I could never find the eggs, but this time I actually found a lot. And I was really happy. I don't actually remember what I did with the eggs. I didn't have a bag with me for storing the eggs, and I'm pretty sure I didn't eat them. There wasn't really more to that dream, than me running around this huge place for the longest time, searching for the eggs that were hidden in the most random places; from alcoves at staircases to inside fireplaces. There was also a scene with me seeing a bill of a very, very small amount and then proceding to smash the person in the head with a laptop that I suddenly had in my hand. Right before I hit, I woke up.

Friday, 25 September 2009

I remember that I dreamt a lot of stuff this night. What I can most vividly recall is the episode with the islands.

I was at a place where two islands existed separate from each other both in space and also in probability. It's kind of hard to explain. But it was not possible to simply travel from one island to the other by taking a boat for example. I had the key to get back and forth between the islands. It was a sort of small obelisk stone with weird blue runes/markings on its surface. To get to the other island I had to place the stone on a certain spot of the ground where some weird circle diagram was drawn. Once I had done that, I had to turn the stone clock-wise and the blue runes would begin lighting up in a quick sequence.  Once all the runes had lighted, I would be transported to the other island. But the transfer also had consequences for the islands.

Whenever I chose to switch location the island I left would be converted into a lifeless place with the people turning into stone. By touching the stone when the transport happened I made sure that I wasn't myself turned into stone.

In the dream, I went to the other island for the first time, and so to say gave the island life. But the people there were really evil. And so I had to get away from the place as soon as possible. But I had to get to the spot where I could place the stone and do the transport. I for some reason, wasn't anywhere near that place once I first came to the island. So it turned into quite a scary dream.

I remember running from some of the people, even though I knew it was useless to run from them. They were everywhere, would always find me and were way faster than me. I actually can't remember why they were so scary, I just remember feeling that they were evil and in some way restricting my freedom.

Just before I woke up I remember somehow escaping the people and getting to the transfer spot and turning the stone. But before all the runes had lighted up, some of them had managed to reach me and were touching my shoulder. And I knew that meant they would be teleported with me, and not turned back to stone. And that was a really bad thing.

The next thing I remember is standing in a dark shed. I think there were a lot of cobwebs there. As I exit, a girl from my university that I don't normally talk a lot to (and have never dreamt about before) is standing there with her bike. She tells me that it was all planned. That it all made sense, and that the 40 would somehow catch up to the 80. At this point I for some reason saw the image of a clock face divided into three twenty-minute regions and the two first regions highlighted. I told her she was wrong. She told me to prove it. I told her I would prove it, she just had to give me her bike since it was necessary to prove it. She said fine and started to hand me the bike. Then I woke up.

My first thought when I woke up was: "Phew, I was happy the dream ended there. I couldn't really prove it, even though I pretended to be able to."

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Sadly I forgot to write down what I had dreamt immediately after waking, so I've forgotten a lot. But I do remember some parts and fragments of the dream.

I remember being in a sort of weird house. I remember it had a wooden staircase. There were two girls, who I understood were learning to be witches, or maybe they were already witches, I don't know. But they had to do something very special, and it seemed like it was some kind of test. I remember a bit of time travelling at this point, but I can't exactly remember what it is I see after rewinding the stuff that happened and playing it again from a different angle.

Next thing I remember I'm chasing a tiny spherical thing that looks a bit like a cloudy, white marble. It's a soul that I'm trying to save, I instinctively know. So I follow this soul, but it's always being carried away from by others or flying away by its own will, so that I can never quite reach it. I remember at one point a bird takes it. He (it felt like a male bird) starts throwing it back and forth together with a bigger, black bird (a crow who's also male). I know that they are then supposed to throw it back to me, so I can finally get it. But the larger bird breaks the rules. He suddenly catches it in his beak and holds it there. And then he starts eating some of it. Some white kind of smoke slowly seeps out of it, and I feel completely indignant towards whats going on. He was not supposed to eat it. And then i wake up.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

This night I dreamt that I was in some kind of weird game. It wasn't so much that it looked like a game. It was more like real life with bosses and specific things you had to to do to advance further. Luckily I had a girl with me who had already played the game and knew what to do.

I remember fighting a boss. It had to do with something about rain, but I can't remember any more details of the encounter. Afterwards I was for some reason standing in front of a lot of washing machines which were all full of bedclothes. Only one washing machine was empty. The girl told me not to put my own clothes into the empty washing machine, because then I would never get it back. Last time she had put her own clothes into the machine and never gotten it back again. So instead I put some of the bedclothes from the other washing machines into it, and pushed start.

Suddenly I notice that there's actually a huge road with cars and a pedestrian crossing right to the left of me. And as soon as I press start on the washing machine, the light for the pedestrians turns green and I start crossing the road. And I now understand why the girl didn't manage to get her clothes back last time. She had to hurry to cross the road and so couldn't wait for the washing machine to finish.

Sometime afterwards I was at a dinner with a lot of other people my age that I know from school or elsewhere. I was sitting at a table when suddenly this Japanese man comes over to me. I remember he had spiky, black hair. At first I think he's speaking Japanese to me, but it's actually Danish. He asks me to follow him, but I hesitate because I know something is going to happen at the dinner very soon. I think it was that someone was about to give a speech.

My hesitation to follow him causes me to disappear and I sort of take on the role of the observer in a film. I see two black people standing together talking in a big, dark room with two doors at one end. I can only see the half of the room with two doors, but I know that at the other end of the room are other doors. Suddenly the people talk very hurriedly and dive into the door in front of them on the right. Right afterwards a family of about 2 grownups and 5 kids comes hurrying in after them and find them hidden under a sort of cupboard in the very small room behind the door.

I didn't understand what just went on. So I reversed time, and changed my viewing angle. I then see the whole episode again from the angle of the two black people. They had been babysitting the children of the family, but once the parents had come home, they had become extremely scared. And feeling a bit mischievous, they decided to hide in that room. It took about one second for the family to find them of course. Anyway, this "scene" was way random, and it might just be me remembering badly.

Monday, 21 September 2009

This night I dreamt about flying again. I have forgotten a lot of the dream already.

But I do remember flying above a huge tree and having serious trouble making my way forwards because of a strong headwind. I kept flying higher and higher, because the wind was pushing me up. So I decided to land and not fly so much after all, since it was way too difficult. I also remember wondering whether it was special that I could fly or not, because I couldn't quite remember if people flew that much. But I could recall having flown lots of times in cities before. And since it wasn't very difficult to fly, people would probably not think it was weird.