Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I remember I was in a train together with two guys from university. It was a train you slept in, for long-distance journeys, and we three shared a room. One of the guys looked like he does today, while the other looked like he maybe did 5 years ago or so, as a teenager.

We were talking about the time where we had been on fresher's week at "the huge castle". One of the guys told me that he had been lucky enough to get a sleeping spot inside the castle. I then said that I had been one of the unlucky ones in the groups that had to sleep outside in the open air (in sleeping bags) in the huge park surrounding the castle.

As I say this, I suddenly find myself in this great big park outside the castle, that we were talking about. I'm in my sleeping bag, and as I wake up and get out of the bag, I feel a bit annoyed that I have to sleep outside. I walk a bit around and I find that it's now night, and there's a party going on. I enter the castle which is huge, but cosy (more like a big building than an actual stone castle). I walk around in the corridors without any real destination, I think. But then I realise it's time to leave with the train.

Now I'm back in the train again. But as I lay there in my bed on the train, the ground floor underneath suddenly disappear and I see we are driving extremely high above the ground, on a sort of traffic overpass. for trains. Sort of like rails suspended over a busy motorway. I don't exactly feel safe about this. If we fall down from our beds, we'll fall right through and about 100 metres down to the ground. I know this is normal for trains, but I still ask the others "why does it HAVE to do this?".

When I say this, a floor appears. But it's not a normal floor. It's more like a permanent floor which is stable relative to the TRACKS! Meaning that the train is actually driving over a non-moving floor. Which is complete with tables and drawers and everything. But it's rushing by quite quickly obviously. We get annoyed, because it's really dangerous to get down from our beds and go to the toilet. We might get crushed by the moving tables going against the opposite wall. To me it looked like the tables and floor were simply appearing out of one wall of our sleeping cabin, moving to the other end of the room, and disappearing there. It was quite an eerie effec, which I thought of as completely natural.

Soon, however, our train makes a halt, and we're allowed outside to stretch our legs. As I go outside a get a bit separated from the others and go down a short alley I find. At the end some small patches of grass. And on these patches reside a lot of lazy birds. But two of them appear dead. A sort of yellow, quite fat and cute one, and another that looks a bit like a chicken. I feel sorry for them and went to help them. So I go and right them up (they were lying down). At first I'm annoyed that nothing happens, but then I realise that they're simply moving sideways (walking straight up a tree for example). One of them walks straight into the interior of a bus, and I feel happy for it, because now I know it will be taken care of by the people there (who were also from the trip - they just are taking a bus instead of the train). The other bird stays with the others in a little but more normal semi-upright position (it was standing on a grass mound, so it was standing about 30 degrees more slanted than usual).

But now it's time for the trains and buses to leave! The bus leaves in front of me, but I know I wasn't on the bus so I don't stress, but I know I have to get to the train. As I get to the platform though, the train leaves right in front of me. I fly to the door (yes, I often simply leap into the air, and fly after stuff in my dream), but when I reach the door handle it slips out of my hand (for some reason my hands are slippery). The train then speeds away, and I know I can't fly any faster. Yet.

I realise that this is a dream then. So I decide that, if I close my eyes, I can move time backwards. I blink, and sure enough the train is back where it was. But once I fly for it, it speeds up. I repeat this a couple of times, but the train keeps speeding up right before I reach it and getting away. I realise that it's simple not possible for me to catch the train in this way, since it's not meant to be. The universe remembers that I didn't catch the train there, so I won't be able to.

Instead I decide to fly along over the city following the tracks. Soon I reach the most amazing structure I have ever dreamt about in any dream. It's unlike anything I have ever seen before. It's supposed to be a sort of huge traffic crossing. But it's in many different colours according to what road you've taken into the crossing, it's comprised of over 10 roads intersecting, it's floating in the air and gravity doesn't work in it. The cars and trains are arriving from all possible 3-dimensional directions. It looks sort of like a huge complicated ball of string. But with sleekly coloured roads leading into it, and ingeniously fitting together so as to create a navigationable network. It really is hard to describe, I was speechless when I woke up afterwards :P. You should have been there! Or maybe you were..

As I watch, the train enters a light green ramp and is lost in the middle of the crossing, which I can't see. I follow the green road from above but I somehow become distracted. And then suddenly I can't find it any more. The roads more look like strands to me now since I'm quite high up. I lose my spirits a bit and descend to the bottom of the structure.

Here I find a big ramp which sort of looks like a water slide that you find in water theme parks. And sure enough, when I look up, I see that the bottom of the huge structure is meant to be a water slide for kids. I don't know why, but the start of the water slide seems to be much higher up, than where you are allowed to enter it. I remember thinking that it's a necessary precaution.

As I once again take flight, I come to another curious structure. It looks sort of like a windsock (you know, those red and white coloured, cone-shaped pieces of cloth that you find at airports and such, which tell you the wind direction), and is directly connected to one of the coloured road-"strands". As I watch a sort of cone-shaped object enters the sock. And as it does a change comes over the strand. Like a wave, the colours of the strand change to bright yellow. I realise that this is done so that you can't simply follow one strand with the eye. The colours change periodically. And I know that yellow is the right colour for finding the train. So I chase after it.

Then my dreams become muddy, and I soon wake up.