Thursday, 15 April 2010

Tonight I had another weird dream. Unfortunately I can't remember every part of the dream any more, but I do remember the gist of it.

I dreamt I was a wizard. I was at a place I've been before in my dreams. It doesn't really exist, but I feel like it's some place connected to my grandparents filled with lots of rare items. Like a warehouse/greenhouse filled with all kinds of exquisite items acquired from travels all around the world. I remember walking inside this place (which is really huge) and being happy. Then something happens.

Somehow this place is being attacked. But I realise that the place/thing they're looking for is hidden. For now. My grandparents live in this huge complex of houses (in the dream) and they, together with the rest of my family, has been captured in the main building. I somehow see this in my mind, and realise that the place they're looking for must be protected at all costs. I don't know where "this place" is, but I know that they're searching the wrong place.

There are many hidden places in this man building, including a stairway somewhere to the right in the main hall, which leads down into a special cellar (I've been to this particular cellar numerous times in other dreams - I remember that you have to do something special so that part of the stairway opens to reveal a ladder that you can climb down. Down here is a gate that leads into a sort of dungeon, but I always get a bit lost down there in my dreams and can't remember much about it).

As I realise that I have to protect this place, I realise that I should perform the ritual of invisibility. I instinctively know that by drawing a circle on the ground and doing a sort of weird movement with my arms, and saying a spell (which is in Chinese - yes, all spells in this dream were in Chinese) I will become invisible. And I do. I start running around inside the main building, avoiding the guards, trying to find the place they're looking for before the attackers do.

I look for a while, and a few times I'm close to bumping into someone, and I know that would somehow make the invisibility break. But suddenly I realise, that the thing I'm looking for is outside. And I know exactly where it is. I immediately find my way through an open window, and see that one of the guards is moving towards that exact place I was thinking of. And he is was ahead of me. So I mumble some Chinese magic spell, and fly quickly towards there building.

I fly a bit too far though, and land. But where I land is a special kind of security gate. It's not really a gate as such. More like just one of those entrances you see to parking spaces; a narrowing of the road. But there are sensors at the sides. And they can somehow see me. This sets of an alarm, because it is a no-entrance place. The alarm works by sending a huge EMP shock wave at me. This completely destroys my invisibility. And somehow I know, that the electricity will begin to build up now, as it somehow interacts with the invisibility spell. And it will then explode. Only 10% of people survive this phenomenon. I have 10 seconds before it happens. I immediately close my eyes and focus on discharging the electricity. I can see a timer counting down from 10 seconds behind my closed eyes. As it reaches 0, a huge electric shock wave erupts around me. But I survive unharmed, I managed to dispel it. But I realise I've lost valuable time.

The spell also made me able to jump really high, and I soon jump up to a building's roof, where there is a corridor leading to a closed door. The guard is already here, walking with his back to me. If he reaches the door, I know it will all be over. The hidden thing is in there. I know I'm not invisible any more. Then I realise it's a guy from my university, and that he's now a bowman. And he has his son with him (he doesn't have a son in real life). His son can easily see me from where he is standing. But it's now or never. I run towards the bowman, expecting his son to warn him at any moment. I see how the bowman will turn around slowly and easily take me down.

But his son says nothing. He just watches me. I realise I don't want to kill the bowman, he's my friend. So I just pick him up and throw him to the side. That has absolutely no effect though. He immediately rises again, and begins shooting arrows in front of me. Just like they do with machine guns in the movies, to scare you. And it works. He gets me backed up into a corner.

I pretend I'm dead. That's right. Because I see, that in the corner I have backed up into is something that looks sort of like a candlestick. Except I know it's a magic wand. I have no idea what it was doing in that corner. By pretending to be dead, I hope that he'll just turn around and walk towards the weird door again. He doesn't.

He just looks at me for a while. And then he starts walking towards me. I quickly grab the wand and aim it at him. Then I start speaking in Chinese. He just grabs me and we fight for a bit, all the while I keep chanting in Chinese and waving the wand. Suddenly he goes into a trance, and I know the spell worked. The wand can make people go into a trance, it just takes some time.

But then suddenly more guards are there. And not only them. But the evil wizard who made them attack us, and who's their leader, is there too. I immediately start casting the sleep spell at them, but it takes some time to work. It starts working on the other guards, and I start getting real happy. At this time the guards have grabbed me, and are holding me above the ground as I'm frantically trying to get the spell to work. But once I finally see that they're falling asleep, the evil wizard just goes up to me, looks me in the eyes, and my magic stops working.

I ask him how he could avoid my sleep spell. He tells me: "I just concentrate on my DDR on my computer". I realise he's a Nazi. He starts walking towards the door while the guards are holding me tight. I realise that it's all over. I can't use my magic any more. Then I wake up.

It's weird, how my magic always stops working in dreams, when I begin doubting that I can use it. It's the same with flying. Once I begin doubting that I can, then I can't. It's like that with lots of things in life too, I guess.