Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Sadly I forgot to write down what I had dreamt immediately after waking, so I've forgotten a lot. But I do remember some parts and fragments of the dream.

I remember being in a sort of weird house. I remember it had a wooden staircase. There were two girls, who I understood were learning to be witches, or maybe they were already witches, I don't know. But they had to do something very special, and it seemed like it was some kind of test. I remember a bit of time travelling at this point, but I can't exactly remember what it is I see after rewinding the stuff that happened and playing it again from a different angle.

Next thing I remember I'm chasing a tiny spherical thing that looks a bit like a cloudy, white marble. It's a soul that I'm trying to save, I instinctively know. So I follow this soul, but it's always being carried away from by others or flying away by its own will, so that I can never quite reach it. I remember at one point a bird takes it. He (it felt like a male bird) starts throwing it back and forth together with a bigger, black bird (a crow who's also male). I know that they are then supposed to throw it back to me, so I can finally get it. But the larger bird breaks the rules. He suddenly catches it in his beak and holds it there. And then he starts eating some of it. Some white kind of smoke slowly seeps out of it, and I feel completely indignant towards whats going on. He was not supposed to eat it. And then i wake up.

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