Tuesday, 22 September 2009

This night I dreamt that I was in some kind of weird game. It wasn't so much that it looked like a game. It was more like real life with bosses and specific things you had to to do to advance further. Luckily I had a girl with me who had already played the game and knew what to do.

I remember fighting a boss. It had to do with something about rain, but I can't remember any more details of the encounter. Afterwards I was for some reason standing in front of a lot of washing machines which were all full of bedclothes. Only one washing machine was empty. The girl told me not to put my own clothes into the empty washing machine, because then I would never get it back. Last time she had put her own clothes into the machine and never gotten it back again. So instead I put some of the bedclothes from the other washing machines into it, and pushed start.

Suddenly I notice that there's actually a huge road with cars and a pedestrian crossing right to the left of me. And as soon as I press start on the washing machine, the light for the pedestrians turns green and I start crossing the road. And I now understand why the girl didn't manage to get her clothes back last time. She had to hurry to cross the road and so couldn't wait for the washing machine to finish.

Sometime afterwards I was at a dinner with a lot of other people my age that I know from school or elsewhere. I was sitting at a table when suddenly this Japanese man comes over to me. I remember he had spiky, black hair. At first I think he's speaking Japanese to me, but it's actually Danish. He asks me to follow him, but I hesitate because I know something is going to happen at the dinner very soon. I think it was that someone was about to give a speech.

My hesitation to follow him causes me to disappear and I sort of take on the role of the observer in a film. I see two black people standing together talking in a big, dark room with two doors at one end. I can only see the half of the room with two doors, but I know that at the other end of the room are other doors. Suddenly the people talk very hurriedly and dive into the door in front of them on the right. Right afterwards a family of about 2 grownups and 5 kids comes hurrying in after them and find them hidden under a sort of cupboard in the very small room behind the door.

I didn't understand what just went on. So I reversed time, and changed my viewing angle. I then see the whole episode again from the angle of the two black people. They had been babysitting the children of the family, but once the parents had come home, they had become extremely scared. And feeling a bit mischievous, they decided to hide in that room. It took about one second for the family to find them of course. Anyway, this "scene" was way random, and it might just be me remembering badly.

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