Friday, 2 October 2009

This night I dreamt I was being given a guided tour of a girls life (kind of through an exhibition in a museum where you had to walk through different "scenes" of her life). It wasn't a girl that I know.

The tour started in corridor together with lots of other people. It was kind of scary at first because while we were standing there all together, waiting for the tour to start, suddenly some of the statues in the museum started talking with really eerie voices while their faces became animated. There were some really scary evil laughs as well. But then I suddenly relaxed, because I knew it was meant to be like that. It was just part of the tour.

I then saw some images of newspaper headlines which all contained what I now knew were prophecies. Because throughout the rest of the dream those newspaper articles would become reality in ways I couldn't imagine. (I'm still a bit in awe of my apparent ability to actually create a storyline that follows a strict guideline with twists and turns in a dream.. Normally they are unstructured, but this time it was like it had all been planned out by myself - without me actually knowing it).

Then the tour started. We first had to go through a small room where a wax statue of the girl was sitting on the floor. I vaguely remember her sitting together with a dead dog. It was kind of scary, and I didn't like going close to her. I don't think any of the other guests liked it either, because we all walked through the room while hugging the edge of the wall tightly. I understood that the scene we saw here was the beginning of the series of events that made the girl mad.

We then exit into an enormous courtyard where a huge castle looms above us about 50 metres or so away. It was really a magnificent castle. I remember looking up and really being in awe of its sheer size and decorations (I usually don't imagine huge details in my dreams but this castle was really extremely well done). In front of the gate into the castle was a big hammer. Sort of like a meat hammer made of wood, just about 15 metres in diameter. It would, with regular intervals (I think it was every 5 seconds or so) slam slowly into the ground in front of the door. So, it was also some kind of clock. We would of course die if we stood and waited for us to smash us, but it wasn't scary at all. I didn't even think twice about the fact that such an unusual device would be installed right in front of the door.

The weird thing was that the hammer didn't fall with precise regular intervals. I realised that in the old days dogs had been used to tell when it was safe to pass the device or not. Because the device emitted a special high-frequency tone before it moved, dogs could be used to warn when it would come down. At this point a dog suddenly appeared and then proceeded to jump onto the hammer (it had just smashed down and was on its way up again, so the dog was able to reach it by jumping). I felt mildly annoyed at the dog for doing this, since it wasn't supposed to. So I hurriedly jumped up after it onto the hammer thing.

The next thing I knew people had disappeared so I was all alone. I wasn't even in the courtyard any more. I didn't think twice about that though.

I know a lot more happened in this dream but it's sadly forgotten now. I just remember thinking when I woke up: "Shit, all those prophecies really came true."

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