Saturday, 3 October 2009

This night I dreamt of swimming amongst other things.

It happened in this huge shopping mall/holiday resort complex. It had a really big indoor pool with water so deep, that you couldn't see the bottom, but I'm pretty sure that there was a sunken ship or other secrets down there. I remember diving head first into the water in the pool, because it was so fun and because I could get up to insane speeds by doing it. I couldn't fly but I could propel myself really far in the water by just that head dive. It was actually almost like flying in the water.

The next thing I remember a flying bus, which I understood had broken down landed on a building's roof a bit away from the complex. I watched it through a window together with some other people who were currently staying at the complex as well. It landed on a high-rise building a little distance away. The people asked me if I wanted to fly over there and see what I could do. I wondered if I should fly over there, but when I saw policemen arriving I didn't really feel like it after all.

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