Tuesday, 6 October 2009

This afternoon I had a nap. And like with all afternoon naps, I dream crazier dreams than usual.

I was attending a lecture in a new part of our university, which was actually a spaceships for martial artists (I was studying martial arts on a university level, yes). It was a modern education where part of your third year was spent on a giant intergalactic spaceship. This place was really huge. I knew it was a kind of dome-shaped ship that contained many cities and layers and artificial environments. But right now I was trying to find a seat in the auditorium for a lecture.

There were rows upon rows of seats high up in the air and I was walking down the middle aisle together with all the other students (which were filing off to the sides once they decided they wanted a place to sit there). I knew this auditorium spanned two whole levels of the spaceship. That is HUGE keeping in mind that each level contained whole cities and probably had many kilometres between them. I tried to find a seat next to a guy who I go to the university with in real life, but while walking down the huge aisle he disappears in the crowd ahead of me. As I go down the huge and quite stairs which lead to various rows of seats I notice the distant cityscape through the distant edge of the room which is made of transparent glass.

As I finally find a seat, I see a friend (who attends another part of my university in real life - and so who I don't have lectures with), get a seat in front of me and to the left. He hasn't seen me, and I start shouting his name to get him to notice me. But an older man sitting on my right asks me to be quiet, and I feel really angry at him. I then realise that the lecturer has actually started talking, and I feel a bit ashamed.

The lecturer tells us to register as being alive on our mobile phones. I look at my phone's screen and a little red icon is flashing say, but I'm quite confused because there seems to be some illegible text around the icon too. When I click the icon it opens another weird dialogue box on the screen, and I feel unsettled by this. I want to ask the one next to me what to do, but before I can do that, we are told that the room needs to be shifted.

Suddenly it feels like the whole room is in free fall and accelerating downwards very rapidly. I hold on to my seat's armrests tightly. I see that we have seat belts, but I discover that mine is broken. I realise this could mean I could potentially fly right into the air, if I didn't hold on tight. For some reason I'm not scared though. We are pulled in all kinds of directions by the seemingly random, high-speed acccelerations, but I actually start finding it quite fun and begin laughing. At one point I can't laugh any more, because the room is moving so quickly that I can only manage to take very small breaths. Then it all stops and the gravity returns to normal..

A man in a weird technical suit exits an elevator and tells us that the room is now aligned and that they've activated the elevators for us so we can leave the auditorium by elevator instead of the huge walkway we had used to enter. I get annoyed that the technician hadn't been in the room to experience the scary shifting manoeuvre. Suddenly I have my Nokia 3310 phone in my hand, and I wonder if the ship can detect such an old phone like it could with my newer phone. As I look at the screen I see that it can. The program that registers if you're alive is just text-based instead. But I'd rather use my new phone, so I put my older phone away. I then ask the person to the left of me (a boy my age that I don't know) what icon to press, and he shows me. I then press the corresponding icon.

The next thing I remember is this weird garden area. And I know some soldiers are after me. But I realise that I can use hidden bandits lying in the grass to my advantage. When I moved through defined parts of the grassy area, regular squares of the ground turned red. I immediately understood that this meant that hidden bandits lying in the grass would now attack the soldiers if they were unlucky enough to move through the red areas of the grassland. Of course only I could see the red colours. The soldiers would just see normal green grassland.

Suddenly I'm home at what I know is my room (which doesn't look like the room in my apartment at all). A guy from university is in the living room together with a girl I don't know. I understand they've been there the whole day. I'm about to ask them if they want to eat dinner together with me, and tell them that I could make food for all of us. They tell me yes. I then see that they've already started making dinner for themselves using my food. I tell them it's not very polite to simple start eating my food, and that I don't want them to do it ever again. The girl answers something really rude back. This causes me to ask them to leave my place immediately. There's a really bad feeling in the air now because of this.

Next thing I know I'm in my room in my real apartment together with a girl from my university. Another guy from university is lying dead on the floor between my bed and my cupboard. I think I killed him. The girl tells me it's alright, and smiles. She tells me I can just dispose of the body without trouble. I relax a bit when she says that. I then realise it's time to leave for classes, and tell about three other people from my university (who are also for some reason in my apartment) that we should head to the university now. They begin filing out the door, but the girl in my room stays. I ask her to go too, but she just smiles and tells me no. It feels like she wants to help me remove the body and prevent me from doing something stupid.

I wake up, feeling like I've just woken up from a nightmare.

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